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(Dec 2021)

A breath taking, explosive adventure thriller, Upload take you on an edge-of-your-seat journey between life and death, science & faith, and the genuinely frightening power that comes with the final cult-like unification of a far right church and state.

From the stunning mountain peaks of Lake Saffira, through the wild seas of the Bering Strait and across the vast ice plains of Alaska, join our hero Luke Templeton in fighting against the greatest of evils, both in life and beyond. In a world where nothing is as it seems, Luke and his friends face not only a fight for their own personal freedom, but for the political freedom of their nation. It is a fight that threatens to take not only their liberty, but, perhaps, their very souls.   


Coming Soon - Dec 1st 2021!

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'Leadership is a complex and controversial phenomenon. Yet, Elesa Zehndorfer has succeeded in writing a comprehensive and instructive guide to understanding leadership in all its manifestations. Leadership: A Critical Introduction summarizes and critiques the spectrum of approaches to the study and practice of leadership and is a stimulating contribution for the benefit of both scholars and practitioners.' - Packianathan Chelladurai, Ph.D., LL.D., Distinguished Professor, School of Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management, Troy University, Canada

Review of Leadership: A Critical Introduction

Praise & Reviews

‘Zehndorfer's Charismatic Leadership is the first book of its kind that sought to deconstruct the role of charismatic leaders in fuelling the fires of market fragility and the cyclical boom-and-bust nature of the financial markets. A must read for any scholar or practitioner wishing to gain further insight into the powerful role of charisma in the origination and perpetuation of financial markets crises.’ - Thomas Pang, CEO, Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Limited, Singapore

Review of Charisma

'Zehndorfer’s Leadership: A Critical Introduction will be required reading for my undergraduate students, graduate students, and consulting clients. Readers seeking to better understand the fascinating concept on leadership will be treated to comprehensive overview of this topic, from the trait theory of leadership contemporary concepts like emotional intelligence and authentic leadership. Zehndorfer effectively weaves in case studies, vignettes and concept check exercises to facilitate deeper understanding and learning. This book is a one-stop shopping expedition for researchers and practitioners alike.' -  Jim Weese, PhD, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

Review of Leadership: A Critical Introduction


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